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Pruneti Take Me Out

In the Pruneti post-covid strategy, the extravirgin olive oil becomes “pret a porter”: High quality monocultivars in 20ml mini-bottles (a single dose) to meet the needs of restaurateurs and treat the customers personalized gourmet experiences “During the lockdown we have all had more time to devote to cooking and preparing meals for the family, being more attentive to the selection of ingredients, because, today more than ever, it is important to be aware that health and well-being starts at the table and extravirgin olive oil is an essential element of our diet,” Gionni Pruneti points out. “The second phase permits us to move, go back to work and go back to having meals outside in bars, restaurants or takeaway establishments,” underlines Paolo Pruneti. “It’s better not to lose good habits. So we thought of offering all restaurateurs , bars and bistros – that must comply with specific safety protocol – the possibility to simultaneously offer a superior quality experience to their customers with single-dose formats from the Pruneti monocultivar selection: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio or the Viuzzo blend” The 20ml Pruneti monocultivar collection will be available for restaurateurs (also in a private label version) and private customers who want to bring their own oil for a perfect match wherever it is they decide to dine, whether it is a 4 starred restaurants or merely a salad eaten during the lunch break at the office. “The Pruneti Monocultivar 20ml completes the collection of 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles that are already available for clients wishing to personalize their own private label. We celebrate how in recent years we have collaborated with restaurateurs who seek to offer the very best to their customers – customers who are looking for real gourmet experiences – with the creation of a personalized “Olio Evo” and the design of proper combinations with their menus. Our aim is to give a sense of exclusivity and personalization to their dishes with a precious and essential ingredient such as Pruneti Extra Virgin Olive Oil which adds fresh, herbaceous and vegetable aromas and flavors that are otherwise impossible to find”.

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