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/Colline di Firenze/

“Colline di Firenze” is a collection of extra virgin olive oils that pays tribute to Tuscany and its beautiful landscape. The sweet hills of Florence, covered with olive groves and irises, is where the history of the Pruneti family and the tradition of those who cultivate this land, enriching its nature and beauty, all began.
A range of elegant and balanced extra virgin olive oils, a symphony of colours, fragrances, and flavours from the hills of Chianti Classico made famous by the greatest artists of the past and among the most dreamed by contemporaries.

TUSCAN PGI ORGANIC: this extra virgin olive oil is the witness of a tradition that Gionni and Paolo want to keep alive. I.G.P. Certification states that all ingredients are originating in the surround hills of Florence and the Biological Certification is a further insurance on the way this product has been made following the Biological regulations. Medium/Light-Fruity Oil in the perception of both bitter and spicy: very harmonic with notes of fruit and sweet vegetables.

PDO CHIANTI CLASSICO: Medium-Fruity Oil in the perception of both bitter and spicy: characterized by artichoke, radish and by notes of black pepper and nuts.

FLORENCE HILLS PGI: The Iris has been the official crest of Florence since the 11th century, and it has also been the symbol of Pruneti family for generations. Imagine the olive trees surrounded by a sea of purple and violet flowers: this is what Pruneti wants to reproduce in the label of this oil. Paolo and Gionni decided to give this oil an I.G.P. Certification to strengthen the link with the territory, stating that all ingredients come from the hills around Florence. Medium/Intense-Fruity Oil, balanced in the perception of both bitter and spicy