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Our aim is to consider each oil as a character with its own personality.  Playing with the shapes and colors of  our packaging we highlight the different characteristics of the oils, which permits the consumer to more easily distinguish them.  To facilitate this we assign each oil a name that expresses its properties – shy, sociable and exuberant, three names for three oils of different intensity.

THE SHY.  /an oil able to enhance the flavor and aroma of food with a delicate touch, without being overbearing.
THE SOCIABLE.  / an oil known for its ability to adapt to and respect various dishes.
THE EXUBERANT.  /an oil with strong character, dedicated to those who look for intense flavors.

  • 2 glass bottles and 1 ceramic bottle of 200ml



DENOMINATION: Italian extra virgin olive oil. Superior category of olive oil obtained directly from olives and extracted solely by mechanical processing. Cold extracted.

CATEGORY: Medium-intense oil.

PRESSING AND BOTTLING: Frantoio Pruneti Srl – Via dell’Oliveto, 24 – San Polo in Chianti – FLORENCE – ITALY

STORAGE: Store away from light and away from heat sources

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: MEDIUM PER 100 ml: ENERGY Kj/Kcal 3461/827 – FAT 92 g of which SATURATED FATTY ACIDS 13 g – CARBOHYDRATES 0 g of which SUGARS 0 g – PROTEINS 0 g – SALT 0 g

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