The mill

The oil mill is the special place for the production of extra virgin olive oil. It is precisely here that our experience, intuition and passion, knowledge and technology come into play, determining in a very short time the organoleptic properties of this fresh and wonderful olive juice.

The olives are harvested by hand at different times, according to optimal ripening levels, and are pressed within four hours. The fruits arrive in the crusher, they are separated by leaves and small branches and then washed in cold water.

The extraction takes place through mechanical procedures and is carried out strictly cold. The pressing method is constantly differentiated to get the best out of every variety with the use of hammer, disc and dripper crushers.

Storage takes place in special rooms with constantly controlled temperature, inside stainless steel containers. The oil is bottled only after the arrival of the request in a modern bottling line with low oxidative impact, in order to guarantee the highest quality and a long and correct conservation of the product.

The bottling is carried out only after the arrival of the request, in order to guarantee the highest quality and a long and correct conservation of the product.

To enhance the unique characteristics of each variety of olive we differentiate each processing phase.

Latest generation machines, inertized with nitrogen, allow a crushing with the least oxidative impact, which preserves the freshness and quality of the extra virgin olive oil.

The two-phase decanter performs the extraction of the oil from the pasta without adding water, to better preserve the phenolic part of the oil. The freshly pressed oil is filtered to remove any residue that could alter the characteristics of the product, damaging its preservation.

A scrupulous control of packaging and labeling ensures that every bottle of Pruneti oil can arrive very elegant and perfect in your tables.

A scrupulous control of the packaging and labeling operations ensures that every bottle of PRUNETI oil can get very elegant and perfect on the consumer's table.