Gionni and Paolo Pruneti, still in their thirties, just in their thirties, but passionate from an early age about the extra virgin olive oil, are living as guardians of a family tradition handed down over four generations.

Maybe the secret lies behind the fusion of two different realities.
On one side tradition and ancient knowledge, on the other one young ideas and new scientific and technical skills.
When choosing between old and modern everything must be studied carefully: high consideration for what comes from our ancestors does not mean everything new has to be refused in the name of tradition.
Now, after a few years, their choice has been awarded, and they stand out in the high quality extra virgin olive oil world.

What makes PRUNETI Extra Virgin Olive Oil an international emblem of absolute quality originates from our choice to manage the family company aiming straight on quality. A choice that requires strong commitment, continuous investment and a never ending passion.
A choice that must be carried forward with courage and passion. The choice of those who, like us, love and want to enhance a product and the land that it was born from.
A choice that born with us, from when we were children and used to go out into the fields with our grandfather after school to live those “special” moments that only contact with the earth can give you.

The fundamental principle that inspires us is clear and precise: to obtain a top quality extra virgin olive oil we must have excellent raw ingredients (the olives) and a blend of culture, experience, technique and, above all, craftmanship.
In order to do this job well, there is one important rule: preserve intact the nutritional qualities and health benefits of the olive as much as possible, while always attempting to bring out all the wonderful aromas and flavors.

To follow a rule that may seem rather simple it is necessary to control every phase that leads to the extraction of the oil. It is exactly for this reason that we chose to manage personally every moment of this process: from the olive tree to the consumer, passing through fertilization, pruning, harvesting, pressing and bottling.

The great effort that is spent in managing each, single phase by ourselves allows us to create our olive oils thinking to the consumer, that’s why we have a product that can be used everyday by a housewife, or selected by a talented chef in order to make a dish absolutely unique.

This production choice requires a great deal of commitment and continual investment on our part, but represents a true guarantee of quality and transparency. And that is our extra virgin philosoph

Gionni e Paolo Pruneti